Lakota Way



Lakota ways are HUMAN WAYS; the ways of our original design.

The Lakota Way Healing Center shares the traditional Lakota ways of spirituality of the northern plains horse nations with those on their journey of healing. Through our Mother Earth We Heal, so we must always respect and preserve her for our children yet to come.  We are based out of the Denver, Colorado metro area. We also consultant and work all over the country and all over the world.  

If you are unable to be with us in person, our sister organization, Spirit Horse Nation, offers many powerful programs from those that wish to learn, participate and heal from a distance. 

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Our mission is to promote spiritual connection and human wellness through programs, events and workshops that share the traditional Lakota Way of Healing.

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Lakota Way offers powerful spiritual ceremonies that bring people together to Heal, and Honor the human connection with all life. 

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