Make a Change

A'ho Mitakuye Oyasin, it is our sacred duty to love and heal our suffering brothers and sisters, and it's our sacred obligation to protect and nurture our Mother Earth. But, compassion and vigilance alone is not enough; We Must Take Action:

"Grandfather, I See the Abuse!  Grandmother, I See the Suffering!  Right Here.  Right Now.  Creator, I Will Serve You!  I Will Take Action!  HOKA!"

And, that's how we begin the healing. It starts with US. It starts with YOU. It can Start Right NOW. YOU Have the Power to Make a Change. The Healing Begins The Moment You Decide To Take Action. Join Us, our Relations and our Mother Earth need you now.

~ Doug Good Feather


A'ho Mitakuye Oyasin

"Brothers and Sisters, Join Me in Healing Our Relatives and Mother Earth With the Powerful Spiritual Energy of our Sacred Native Ways. Please Donate Now to Make a Change and Create a Better World Where None of Our Relations Gets Left Behind and The Greedy and Corrupt Are No Longer Allowed To Rape and Pillage our Mother Earth For Profit. Your Pledge or Donation is Needed. Your Financial Support Allows Us To Help Heal the People That Are Suffering the Most and Put Our Spiritual Warriors On The Front Lines in the Battle of Protecting Our Mother Earth. Please Pledge or Donate What You Can. WOPILA!" 

~ Doug Good Feather

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Calling All Spiritual Warriors

"None of Us Can Do Everything, But All of Us Can Do Something. It's Easy To Witness the Suffering and Injustice In This World and Do Nothing. But, That is Not Right. Spiritual Warriors, I'm Calling On You Now, Our Mother Earth Needs Your Courage. Together We Must Stand Up and Speak for Our Relatives That Cannot Stand Up or Speak for Themselves. Each Voice is Like the Branch of the Choke Cherry Tree. Bundled Together We are Strong. Join the Movement and Let's Send Our Voices On Brother Wind to Spread The Wisdom of Healing & Honoring Our Mother Earth. HOKA!"

~ Doug Good Feather

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