The Warrior Within 

The root cause of all suffering and disease is a disconnection from spirit in a certain part of our life. We work with Native American ways to identify and understand that disconnection and help to build a bridge back to Spirit. We help you find your inner-warrior to confront and overcome the suffering and obstacles you may face on your journey back to personal power and joy.

As part of our spiritual mission, we have programs that to help you on this journey. You are important and we'd love to have you:

healing hoops

Come join a talking or craft circle to help on your journey of healing or simply to enjoy a community of like-minded people.

The Food Bank 

Stop by and pick up some's always free. We always strive to provide healthy and organic food options for our community.

sweat lodge 

Sweat lodge/Inipi is offered for members of our community and held in various locations of Northern Colorado. Check on locations:

Long Distance Prayer or Remote Healing