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Vision Quest Camp

The Vision Quest Camp will be held from Wednesday, Sept. 25, 2019 thru Wednesday, Oct. 2, 2019. Please come with respect, an open mind and willingness to help and be a part of the community. If you would like to help, donate anything or sponsor a meal, please contact. Info below.

We will need:

·       Wood

·       Fire-keepers

·       Food

·       Kitchen Helpers

For more information please contact us at:

Doug Good Feather 720-276-7558 or Carol Plain 505-270-3174

The Camp will be held at Standing Rock Reservation. Please call for directions. It is an overnight Camp. No Drugs or Alcohol, please come with respect.

The Camp will provide people a way to fulfill a commitment they have made to their purpose with opportunities to experience traditional and cultural activities, identify healthy and sustainable food and life choices, and understand how environmental and conservation sciences are reflected in our Native cultural knowledge and in our traditional uses of environmental resources.  We also prioritize explorations of campers' personal interests, educational goals, and tribal identity. By providing these opportunities, we aim to build appreciation and understanding of traditional life-ways and environmental stewardship, but to also build their self-esteem, leadership and consensus skills, educational interests, and health and wellness.

Some of the activities of the Camp will include: (1) identifying plants and herbs used by Native peoples, preparing traditional foods, and making traditional medicines like teas and poultices; (2) experiencing Native physical fitness activities like hiking and tracking animals; (3) exploring artist expression, like painting, beading, regalia design, traditional and contemporary Native music, storytelling and poetry; (4) building educational goals and other educational activities.

Food offered at the Camp will be all-natural, healthy and nutritious with emphasis on traditional Native foods. Campers will be encouraged to participate in traditional food preparation as part of their camp experience. Campers will also be able to take the results of many activities home with them, for example; jewelry, bead-work, canned food, artwork, documentaries/interviews, journals, etc. There is no fee to attend the Camp.  This is a learning experience, come with an open mind and open heart. You must be willing to work hard.  

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