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Our Impact

Problems. The ones most people don’t have the stomach for. The ones nobody talks about at cocktail parties. The ones that “can’t” be solved. We go looking for them.

We have one life. To live better, we must never leave a warrior behind.

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Now more than ever, communities need help. They need hope. The Lakota Way Healing Center surrounds the community’s most critical problems - and we help provide solutions. All of our programs and services are free to the public.

Every day, people look to the Lakota Way Healing Center for lasting solutions to local problems. We are a vehicle for volunteers, donors and advocates who seek to change lives and communities. As a privately funded nonprofit, The Lakota Way Healing Center connects people and companies with the causes that matter to them the most.

The Lakota Way Healing Center doesn’t focus on just one issue; we fight for sobriety, health, spiritual wellness, education, and financial stability of every person, in every community. We go after communities’ toughest challenges, creating new solutions to old problems. And we work with people from all walks of life to turn those solutions into action.

But we don’t do it alone. We’re working alongside volunteers and donors. Our closest allies are people like you. Together, we’re making life better for people, in nearly 1,800 communities across 40 countries.

Veterans Services

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Our Veterans return to a grateful nation, but also to a world with few solutions to the major challenges they face. Lakota Way Healing Center is dedicated to serving veterans and helping to build brighter futures for our injured heroes. We help to provide invaluable resources and professional services to veterans, their caregivers and their families. Our services help to empower our brave men and women to regain what they fought for: their freedom and independence.

Lakota Way Healing Center helps our wounded heroes not just to live, but to live with dignity as contributors to society. We utilize the traditional Lakota teachings of the warrior to help bring our hero’s home in their hearts, minds, bodies and spirit. Our programs help to relieve the traumas of war, assist with PTSD recovery, trauma recovery, addiction prevention and recovery.

Feeding Americans

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The Lakota Way Healing Center’s effort to fight hunger is one of our main concerns. We are working hard to help more families get food. So far, volunteers have contributed 40,000 pounds of food, which translates into 52,000 meals. We serve meals at every program and have a free food bank every Tuesday.

One of the toughest challenges we’re fighting in America is hunger. One in six children doesn’t know when their next meal will be. Kids who don’t get enough to eat begin life with a serious disadvantage. Hungry children are more likely to be hospitalized and face higher risks of health problems like anemia and asthma. As they grow up, youth struggling to get enough food are more likely to have problems in school and other social situations.

The Lakota Way Healing Center is fighting this problem, community by community. Here are a few examples:

The Lakota Way Healing Center has provided nearly 2 million meals to hungry families last year through its Hunger Prevention Nutrition and Assistance Program and we are working hard to connect local farmers to our weekly food pantry, distributing fresh, local produce to homeless and low-wage neighborhoods across the city.

Making More Holiday Meals Possible

Every holiday we provide meals to needy families. One in seven Americans rely on food pantries and meal programs, so please consider donating nonperishable food today. It’s easy, convenient, and makes a huge difference.

There are other ways you can get involved to fight hunger in your community, all year long. You can volunteer at your local food bank; start a community garden; launch a food drive at your church, mosque, or synagogue; or speak up for local and state policies that help feed the hungry.

Join us. If we fight hunger together, we can make real change across the country and in your own backyard.

Addiction and Recovery

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Sweatlodges - Inipi

The Sweat Lodge is just one of many healing modalities offering a holistic approach, healing the mind, the body, the heart and the spirit. It can be very helpful in addiction recovery and for sobriety maintenance. Whether it is the spiritual connection or the physical detoxification or both, the lodge is for those who wish to explore a spiritual approach to recovery. It is a beautiful practice of mindfulness, meditation and reflection, along with the physical cleansing of the hot steam, the heat and the herbs.

Healing Hoop Talking Circles

The Lakota Way Healing Center is a White Bison Wellbriety Certified Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program utilizing the Native American Culturally designed 12-Step Method – created by our good friend Don Coyhis of the White Bison Program for Native Americans.

The Circle’s unifying theme is a safe, sober, and spiritual welcoming for all Natives and community members, including those who may have little or no concept of their history or traditions. As participants share in the Circle, the focus is often on health matters, including stories of recovery from alcohol or other drug use. The inclusion of a meal is an integral part of the Talking Circle because it symbolizes an offering to the Creator, as well as a healing gift to all who are present.

Talking Circles are ancient ceremonies through which Native Americans have shared information, Elders have taught important lessons, and individuals have settled differences. Talking Circle ceremonies are still used today by indigenous people all over the world as a method of communication. Talking Circles can be a very powerful means of touching or bringing healing to the mind, the heart, the body, and the spirit. One could call it a very effective form of group therapy.

Unlike other communication styles within the United States, communication in Native American culture values cooperation over competition. Commonly, when Native Americans engage in conversation, they listen intently, often looking down and not establishing eye contact, until the person speaking is completely finished talking. Then, another person talks and fully expects to be able to completely finish expressing their thoughts, without interruption, before the conversation turns to another person. There is a high level of respect and a sacred quality to Talking Circles, including those hosted by the Lakota Way Healing Center.

Youth Group & Rights of Passages

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Children and youth face many challenges, including conflict, violence, drugs, gang activity, trouble in school and much more. Lakota Way Healing Center provides access to knowledge, resources and training for children and their families from some of the world's leading experts in positive youth development.

Lakota Way Healing Center’s philosophy is based on the Lakota Rights of Passages, which identifies the four universal needs of every child: Belonging, Mastery, Independence and Generosity. This model is trauma-informed and resilience-focused. It is designed to encourage kids to feel safe and comfortable in an environment of understanding and acceptance. All children need loving, caring, committed, consistent adults around them if they are to bloom fully.

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We measure our success in actual lives changed. These stories are a testament to the difference that communities can make when we come together to create lasting change.

People in our community occasionally write feedback about their experiences (some of them leave their names) and would like to share with the community.

04/2019 - “I feel the warrior ‘s presence and how that will guide me in my journey in healing. Thank you for the wonderful experience” (Bob, Army)

04/2019 - “My experience with this ceremony was special because I finally felt this peace within myself and the heat along with the singing was what I needed. I quit fighting the heat and embraced it and I was calm…” (Kyle, US Army)

04/2019 - “I felt the energy projected by the singing of all those who participated, male and female. I felt and inner peace” (anonymous name-Veteran)

04/2019 - “I have never experienced anything since Iraq that motivated me to heal and self-reflect. This was powerful and very special to me” (anonymous name-Veteran)

 04/2019 - “Going to war with the Marines, I had lost my personal connection with God. Being invited to come pray and heal with has helped me to reconnect with my heavenly father and to move on from the pain of war. I pray that God uses your way of prayer and worship to heal more vets” (Joe, USMC)

 04/2019 - “Powerful. Participating in a sacred ceremony surrounded by a community of those who support each other was eye opening. The power felt and emotion evoked by the spirits provided healing that I have never felt in my life” (anonymous name -Veteran)

04/2019 - “Thank you for an amazing ceremony. This one was particularly beautiful, meaningful, special. I don’t know what it was about it but it was special.” - Andrea Lucie, PhD, Integrative Therapies Program Manager